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March 2020

(Update: July 28) – MUNI still has their decision about eliminating the 29th Street J-Church stop on hold.

However, the MUNI bureaucrats have come up with a new way to anger J-Church riders. They are now proposing to restart the J-Church in August, but to require all J-Church riders going downtown to exit the train at Market Street and transfer to surface transportation. J-Church riders heading outbound will have to find their way to the Church and Market Street station in order to board the train.

MUNI claims they are doing this to reduce the possibility of riders being infected by the coronavirus in the MUNI Metro. But the fact is that Jeff Tumlin, the Director of Transportation appointed by Mayor London Breed, first proposed this change last November, long before anyone had heard of COVID-19.

So now we have MUNI trying to save 15 seconds by eliminating the 29th Street stop, while adding an untold amount of time and trouble to a J-Church ride with this forced transfer, come rain or shine.

This will not only be very inconvenient for all riders, but also extremely problematic for the disabled, for seniors, for families with children, for shoppers and for people traveling early in the morning or late at night. MUNI has not even attempted to consult with the disabled community about this harebrained scheme.

When asked if MUNI could accomplish this same alleged purpose by replacing the train with buses that travel the whole route without forcing a transfer, the answer was that they don’t have enough buses or drivers. This in the middle of a pandemic with many lines not in service and many drivers not working.

To comment, email:
Also: (Director of Transportation) (Director of Transit)

You can also email the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, which provides substantial funding to MUNI: (Executive Director) (Acting Clerk) (Chair) (Vice-Chair)

(Update: March 18) – The MUNI bureaucrats have not given up on their proposed elimination of the 29th and Church Street MUNI stop, in their quest to shave 15 SECONDS off the J-Church run time.

But we scored a victory when the matter was pulled from the agenda of the scheduled March 20 SFMTA Public Hearing, as a result of pressure from our campaign.

Subsequently, the hearing itself was cancelled because of the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

We will let you know when the public hearing is rescheduled. In the meantime, please stay safe.

(March 2, 2020) – The MUNI bureaucrats finally got around last week to posting a notice at 29th and Church Streets about their “proposed” elimination of the J-Church stop there.

According to Public Relations Officer Bonnie Jean von Krogh, the purpose of eliminating this stop is to shave 15 SECONDS off the J-Church run time.

We kid you not.

When asked who is going to make the final decision about this “proposed” elimination, the answer was that after some tortuous public hearing process, the buck will stop with Director of Transit Julie Kirschbaum. More on that process soon…

Ms. Kirschbaum’s telephone number is (415) 646-4262. Her email address is

Or, should you be so inclined, San Francisco Supervisor Rafael Mandelman’s telephone number is (415) 554-6968. His email address is

(For more information, email

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