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Save our 29th and

Church Street MUNI Stop!


Under questioning by District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority meeting of February 14, 2023, MUNI Transit Planner Felipe Robles stated that MUNI IS NO LONGER CONSIDERING ELIMINATING THE 29th STREET STOP.

This statement has been confirmed by Director of Transit Julie Kirschbaum, and is now posted on the J Church Safety and Accessibility Project webpage.

Thank you to everybody who signed our petition and helped out with this campaign. This victory is yours. Solidarity is always the key to victory. While success is never a sure thing, our win here shows the power of organizing and standing up for our rights.

But justice is also a constant struggle.


A new increase would only make MUNI less accessible to those who need it, and drive even more people off public transit. Public transportation needs to be expanded and made more accessible, not more expensive. Don’t give up the fight!

The campaign to save our
29th and Church Street
MUNI stop
is supported by:

Upper Noe Neighbors

Noe Neighborhood Council

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Noe Valley Voice
March 2020

The MUNI bureaucrats proposed eliminating our J-Church MUNI stop at 29th and Church Street back in early 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Public Relations Officer Bonnie Jean von Krogh, the purpose of eliminating this stop is to shave 15 SECONDS off the J-Church run time. We kid you not.

This cockeyed proposal would reduce accessibility to public transportation for all MUNI riders in the neighborhood, particularly seniors, families with children, the disabled, shoppers with bags, as well as late-night and early-morning workers. All in order to save 15 SECONDS!

This proposal was put on hold when the pandemic hit. We would like to believe that after all this time this idea has been dumped, but MUNI bureaucrats are a curious sort, so we must keep our powder dry.

Meanwhile, the MUNI bureaucrats came up with a new way to anger J-Church riders. For a time they were requiring all J-Church riders going downtown to exit the train at Market or Duboce Streets and transfer to surface transportation or other trains in MUNI Metro. J-Church riders coming from downtown had to find their way to the Church and Market Street station in order to board the train.

MUNI originally claimed that they were doing this to reduce the possibility of riders being infected by the coronavirus in the MUNI Metro. But the fact is that Jeffrey Tumlin, the Director of Transportation appointed by Mayor London Breed, first proposed this change in November 2019, long before anyone had heard of COVID-19.

So now we had MUNI trying to save 15 seconds by eliminating the 29th Street stop, while adding an untold amount of time and trouble to a J-Church ride with this forced transfer, come rain or shine.

Fortunately, a broad coalition of J-Church riders fought back, led by the Restore the J workgroup. Full downtown service for the J-Church has now been restored.

But, as always when it comes to the MUNI bureaucrats, we must remain vigilant and watch for new games to be played.

If you have something to say to the MUNI powers-that-be, start with Mayor London Breed. The Mayor appoints ALL of the members of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). Mayor Breed’s email address is Her telephone number is (415) 554-6141.

MUNI is run by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).
Email the full Board of the MTA at
Email Director of Transportation Jeffrey Tumlin at
Email Director of Transit Julie Kirschbaum at

Email the full Board of Supervisors at

Connie Chan Connie Chan
District 1
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District 6
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Supervisor Rafael MandelmanRafael Mandelman
District 8
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District 4
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District 7
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District 2
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District 10
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